WeSC Eyewear 2017/18


We are proud designers and producers of WeSC Eyewear.

WeSC is the Swedish streetwear brand with origins in the skateboard scene. WeSC Eyewear is a collaboration between WeSC´s own design department and Irene Toreheim, our junior eyewear designer at the studio in Malmö. 

You can find the whole collection in our online shop for retailers here.


Today WeSC produce core streetwear products for a large audience of consumers who value refined design and quality while still remaining true to WeSC´s skateboard origins.

WeSC has built a natural relationship with inspiring, provocative and upcoming figures in music and sports on their way to becoming a respected fashion brand. They cautiously mix sportswear basics with fashion spirited apparel. The latest collections offer a contemporary urban line infused with iconic and graphic elements, giving the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Irene Toreheim, Eyewear Designer

Irene Toreheim is responsible for the AW17 WeSC eyewear collection. Her way in, to find the true heart of the brand, was to study their current and previous collections. Her challenge was to reflect that style in optical glasses. The outcome is an autumn collection in two parts, one basic part with models inspired by WeSC´s origin of being a skateboard brand and one more daring trend part with the details in focus and WeSC´s last fashion collection in mind.


Irene's own inspiration came from retro cars and the detailed handcrafted work and strong colors. Her vision was a ride in the sunset, in an old Mustang on the highway one in California. A great vision to have in mind when designing an amazing and cool collection of glasses. Below you can see two models with clip-ons. Optical frames with sun protection. Something we believe strongly in also for future collections. 



You can find the whole collection in our online shop for retailers here.

Retailers: Please ask your local sales representative if you are interested in the new WeSC collection. Contact details

Photos by Kiia Valavaara, make up by Vanessa Carter, models Fatmir from Nordic Model Agency and Helena Ponelli.