KQ Collaborations

OPO has chosen to have several collaborations over the years to make small concept collection together with artists, cloth designers, foundations or by ourselves. It’s fun and inspiring to work with collaborations that can be pioneering.

KunoQvist Trofé

KunoQvist Trofé is our exclusive collection with classic and retro inspired frames. We manufacture them from exclusive material such as Indian buffalo horn. All frames are individual due to its natural material and are numbered from one to one hundred.

KQ x El Bocho

KunoQvist follows up on the successful cooperation from 2013. El Bocho is a Berlin based artist. He has been working on the streets since 1997 and is by now amongst the most famous and visible street artists in Berlin.

KQ x El Bocho features different acetate styles in different color combinations. The design is influenced by his street art and the environment he works in.

KQ Pride

KunoQvist has made a small concept collection. Sweden was hosting the Eurovision event 2016 and we wanted to acknowledge this. The competition has become a big event that has grown in range and popularity. We made a special Pride collection to celebrate this.

There are 3 models in 3 colors. One model is with sun lenses only and two of them are with light tinted ready to wear lenses and extra sun lenses.

A package of 9 frames in a special box is available.