Frequently asked questions

I can't see any prices in the webshop

You have not logged in.

I've just applied for log-in at the webshop but still can't see prices or make an order

When you get a 2:nd mail from us, restart the page and log in once again.

I can't find the frame/color I want in the webshop

It may be discontinued, but we may have spareparts. Give us a call.


I cannot order spareparts in the webshop

Order a whole frame and write in the messagebox, that you only want a temple or a front.

I cannot find the frame that I want a spartpart for

If you ordered other products, write in the message box, what sparepart you need.

I will not order other things than a sparepart

You have to call or send a email to customer service

Can I have frames for a view?

Yes. Important that the frame will be returned in original package, polished and with a copy of the delivery bill.

How long can I have frames for view?

After two weeks the goods will be invoiced, if you return them within one month (max) you will receive a credit note.

How many frames can I have for a view at the same time?

No limit.

Can I search for article no/color/shape/size?

Yes, in the yellow box up to the left or in the box under each category - search in results.

Ex. 52-

Ex: 52- blue round

Can you return or change frames that was bought on sale?

No, we dont change or buy back frames bought on sale.

To what address can I send returns?

OPO Scandinavia AB, Box 8085, 200 41  MALMÖ, Sweden.

Are KunoQvist and KQ Young models available in different sizes?

No, the models comes in only one size, but we can have very similar models in another size.

Can I get pictures for ads?

Yes, you can get the pictures under Download.

Can I put corrected lenses in a Julbo frame?

Yes, in the models marked with Base 6.

Can I order the products that is marked red in the webshop -Not in the stock?

Yes, when the product is back in stock the backorder will be sent. Call if you want to know the aproximmately delivery date.

For B&S products it usually takes a week.

I did not receive any cases with my webshop order

Write in the message box if you want to have cases with your order. Some collection don't come with cases.

How fast will I get my goods?

If the goods are in the stock it usually takes 1- 2 days.

Can I see my order history, invoices?

Yes, in the webshop under My account.